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Jane provides a wonderful massage, but beyond that her ability to help release patterns of behaviour or feelings that we hold on to is almost magical. I have had two such experiences that defy conventional logic, but having greatly improved my ability to deal with long-standing interpersonal conflict and live more lightly - and without therapy! On a physical note, her cranio-sacral work on my TMJ has significantly diminished head and neck pain.  And finally, there's the fact that she's just a lovely person to spend time with.
 D.O., Ancaster

LOMI-HAWAI’IAN TEMPLE BODY WORK I was suffering through several migraines a week when I went to see Jane. I thought I’d just have to learn to live around the migraines like my grandmother did. Within five or six Craniosacral treatments the migraines stopped. A full five years passed before I had to suffer through another migraine. It was like being given a new lease on life. Thank you Jane.
The treatment space is so different from other places. The ability to peacefully relax both before and after a treatment, in a space that is designed for tranquility makes every treatment special.
C.R., 40, Hamilton

I came to Jane very emotionally needy, and unsure of myself in crippling ways. Through her intuitive and gentle guidance and her healing techniques, she has helped me find self-esteem and balance in all aspects of my life. I bless the day I first met Jane Canale, and that blessing is reinforced each time I have a treatment with her.
E.M., 51, Dundas

I first started seeing Jane Canale when I was 45. Due to my jaw being overextended during wisdom teeth surgery when I was 14, I had TMJ symptoms. In my early 40s it got to the point that my jaw and teeth were badly misaligned, I was grinding my teeth and the pain in my jaw was so bad I couldn’t eat solid food for 2 weeks. After 12 sessions with Jane, my jaw returned to normal. After living with the problem for 31 years I was pretty impressed. It’s a gentle but powerful non-invasive treatment that works. Jane is a warm, caring individual who is highly skilled at what she does. Craniosacral therapy is a legitimate, beneficial form of treatment and should be covered under medical insurance.
P.M., 47, Dundas
I have enjoyed being a client of Jane’s for a number of years now. What I love about seeing Jane is that firstly the atmosphere of her healing studio is wonderful - inviting, relaxing and the fact that you don’t have to rush away afterwards, that the relaxation room is available, is divine.
I have had the opportunity over the years to have treatments done at many spas. And the one particular thing that I will say that stands out about Jane’s Healing Arts Studio is that when she has finished working with you, the result is that you have had the pleasure of not just a “treatment” but truly a “healing experience".
D.B., 49, Hamilton

I had 10 years of chiropractic treatments and registered massage therapy for a dislocated rotator cuff and torn muscles in the shoulder and the best relief I ever got was 2 days. I felt a huge change the first time I saw Jane. After 3 visits I had a long term change. I lost the numbness in my shoulder, neck and side of the head and face and my shoulder stopped clicking. Jane’s doing something no one else does.
J.H., 30, Mount Hope

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Healing Arts Studio
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